TAPPP Named on Business Insider’s Top 22 Sports Startups

Featured in Business Insider

October 31, 2022

  • Total funding: $21 million, according to the company
  • What it does: Tappp is a marketing- and payments-technology company focused on sports, betting, and media.
  • How it's innovating: Tappp's technology can enable bets to be placed on-screen during live-sports broadcasts. The New York-based company recently debuted the experience during Major League Rugby matches streamed on The Rugby Network, partnering with PlayUp to let viewers place authenticated bets.
  • McPherron at Drive by DraftKings, which invested in Tappp, highlighted the company's innovations to Insider.
  • Tappp's partnership was designed to boost Major League Rugby's viewership and fan-engagement, and also included a free-to-play game that tests live viewers' knowledge of the sport."In the era of smart TVs, interactive overlays have become a hot topic," founder and CEO Sandy Agarwal said in a June press release. "Interactivity is great but how about direct, in-game, on-screen transacting involving a product where the price can change every second? This is single-screen sports betting, and this is what Tappp's platform has delivered." Tappp told Insider that next it's working to bring this kind of technology to news and analyst shows, like sports podcasts or talk shows.