About us

Get to know TAPPP

TAPPP is dedicated to shaping the future of entertainment, brand engagement and commerce by delivering innovative solutions for integrating interactive TV devices, contextual commerce, digital wallets and personalized content enhancement tools.
Through our on-screen, at-event and in-store products and services, we deliver high-impact, contextual commerce experiences that help global companies across a variety of industries to drive new customer acquisitions, fuel transactions, boost brand engagement and increase long-term customer retention and overall satisfaction levels.

Our story

  • At the start

    TAPPP began with a quest to help emerging sports video streaming services unlock new sources of revenue while increasing brand engagement by drawing together the retail distribution of gift cards across thousands of outlets with TAPPP’s dynamic, error-free transaction processing capabilities.

  • Sports Betting

    TAPPP’s transaction and payment services platform helped lift BetMGM to the #1 sportsbook gift card at retail, while shaping the next chapter of interactivity and personalization for live-sports content and earning a US patent for enabling single-screen, real-time sports betting on any video display.

  • Contextual Commerce

    TAPPP’s Interactive MicroApp Panel offers viewing-enhancement apps such as shopping and betting that are contextually aware of events happening in real time, leveraging a unique content management and transaction platform linked to a personalized digital wallet with seamless payment services for daily transactions.

Our mission
At TAPPP, it’s our mission to reimagine how companies and audiences interact and transact with entertainment-related programming, products and services, adding more fun and personalization with less hassle.
Our leaders

Dedicated to personalized, contextual commerce.

The team at TAPPP is driven to improve the future of interactive entertainment. Sports-obsessed, we’re curious and eager to make the world a better place. With a collective 100+ years of experience, we’ve ideated interactive, hassle-free transactions and are devoted to delivering viewer-driven content experiences and contextual commerce tailored to every customer’s needs.