Interactive services

Embed your business in interactive TV experiences customized to each individual viewer.

TAPPP’s MicroApp Platform provides video distributors with viewing enhancement apps that increase audience engagement and creates personalized commerce environments for merchant partners.
The TAPPP MicroApp Platform

Tailored Content.
Increased Engagement.
New Revenue Streams.

  • Contextual, Real-Time Sports Betting

    Curated betting odds are updated in real time as in-game action shifts, with each bet authenticated and confirmed on a single screen.
  • Contextual Commerce

    One click to purchase, interactive e-commerce offering products and services tied directly to the programming being watched.
  • Interactive Contests and Polling

    Increase viewer participation and engagement with skills-based contests, fantasy sports, quizzes, polls and surveys.
  • Interactive Advertising and Promotions

    Contextual product messaging links brands with on-screen content, while enabling real-time conversations with customers.
  • Contextual Information and Personalized Stats

    Curated information, including sports stats and programming background notes, tailored to viewer preferences and delivered on-demand.
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Our technology

The TAPPP Microapp Platform provides a unified cloud native Platform-as-a-Service to video distributors, offering an array of interactive first- and third-party applications to deliver personalized viewing and contextual commerce experiences.
  • AI-powered event orchestration engine

    The MicroApp Platform, powered by a cloud native Orchestration Engine, is algorithmically controlled to sense events and create compelling user interactions within each app. This enables our clients to offer interactive engagement across a variety of content with little to no production support.
  • The power of a microapp store

    The TAPPP MicroApp Platform provides a common standard for sharing identity, location, video context, payments and similar services across a suite of first- and third-party applications. Once enabled, the microapp architecture delivers the power of an App Store to a client’s distribution platform.
  • A patented approach

    Our patented approach integrates video content streaming services with real-time data delivery such as sportsbook odds. We operate across any type of programming and all video delivery formats.
  • The TAPPP transaction ledger

    All microapps rendered on the TAPPP MicroApp Platform are powered by a unified transaction ledger, which provides for a single clearing house for all stakeholders. This allows our clients to easily build an ecosystem of service providers without having the burden of settling with each merchant.

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