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Transform how businesses and their customers interact with entertainment.

TAPPP’s innovative solutions enable leaders in media, sports and B2C businesses to deliver contextual entertainment experiences that increase customer acquisition, boost engagement, reduce churn and fuel transactions.
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Content distribution platforms

Building long-term customer value

TAPPP’s MicroApp Platform delivers bespoke solutions for lifting audience ratings and satisfaction levels while fueling transaction revenues and new customer acquisition.
Leagues & Event Organizers

Enhancing fan engagement, subscription revenue and sponsorship ROI

TAPPP’s payment services and MicroApp Platform create immersive environments at home, at retail and in stadium to build loyalty and develop new revenue streams.
Online Sportsbooks

Expanding the market, capturing market share

TAPPP’s interactive services and payments solutions open up new customer acquisition channels, enable single-screen betting environments, improve cash management and lift brand loyalty.

It’s time to transform transactions.

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