TAPPP and Vrio / DIRECTV Latin America to bring Contextual Betting and Interactivity to the Region

Plan will deliver interactive television to 40 million viewers across 11 countries for the first time

TAPPP and Vrio / DIRECTV Latin America to bring Contextual Betting and Interactivity to the Region
February 05, 2024

TAPPP and Vrio Corp./DIRECTV announced an agreement to bring interactive television to Latin America for the first time.

DIRECTV Latin America and Sky Brazil will deploy TAPPP’s patented MicroApp PlatformTM to all its customers enabling real-time interactive services, including betting and contextual commerce, across both its linear TV services and its DGO streaming platform. At launch, the MicroApp Platform will be featured alongside live-sports telecasts with plans to roll it out across all types of programming in the future.

The TAPPP MicroApp Platform, under U.S. Patent 11,804,101, leverages a first-of-its-kind content management and transaction platform to offer a suite of viewing-enhancement apps such as shopping, betting, contests, stats, interactive polling and advertising.  Each app is “contextually aware” offering up content, betting odds, and promotions that can be tailored to the viewer’s unique preferences, the programming being watched and the specific events occurring at that particular moment.

The launch, expected to go live in the second quarter will deliver interactive products and services to more than 10 million Latin American households, across 11 countries, with a potential audience of roughly 40 million people.

“For our subscribers, this expands and completely redefines what the TV experience can be, personalized and customized to every individual viewer”, said Mariana Lischner Goldvarg, CEO of DIRECTV Latin America. “It is a revolution in the way we consume content. Plus, it closes the gap between brand awareness and purchase. With contextual commerce, a viewer can take advantage of personalized offers instantly and get exactly what they want, fast.”

For advertisers who are part of the industry-wide push for stronger attention metrics, DIRECTV Latin American and Sky Brazil will have powerful TAPPP data that proves audiences are not only watching, but are also engaged with content.

“We are thrilled to be bringing our MicroApp Platform to viewers beyond the United States with powerful brands like DIRECTV in Latin America and Sky in Brazil”, said Sandy Agarwal, CEO and Founder, TAPPP. “We believe in-game, real-time interactivity, including in-game betting, will be eagerly embraced by TV viewers across the region, especially Millennials and GenZers, who are demanding ever-greater levels of interactivity as part of their entertainment choices.”


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About Vrio Corp.

Vrio Corp. is a leading American media and technology company in Latin America and the Caribbean in digital entertainment services, content production, information and connectivity with more than 40 million viewers in 11 countries. It offers high-quality content live and on demand through DIRECTV Latin America, SKY Brasil, DGO and SKY+, with sporting events, international events and exclusive programming in Brazil through the SKY brand and in Argentina, Barbados, Chile, Colombia, Curacao, Ecuador, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago and Uruguay through the DIRECTV brand. DGO is its subscription service (OTT) via internet that provides access to a variety of live and on-demand programming in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay. The company also offers fiber optic internet through DFIBRA in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru and SKY Fibra in Brazil; and has state-of-the-art satellites and transmission centers, thanks to which it is possible to deliver a wide variety of content to homes in 4K format. Likewise, the firm controls the sports network Torneos y Competencias (TyC) in Argentina and Colombia. For more information visit: