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Reimagine how customers interact and transact with your business

TAPPP’s comprehensive suite of interactive entertainment, commerce and payment solutions strengthen engagement with your customers, simplify transactions, boost retention metrics and create new sources of transaction revenues.
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Interactive services

Embed your company in interactive TV experiences that are personalized and customized to each individual viewer.

Our interactive solutions provide video distributors with viewing enhancement apps that increase audience engagement and create personalized commerce environments for merchants.
Payment services

TAPPP’s suite of payment solutions drive new transaction revenue opportunities.

Our solutions enable companies to offer customers frictionless cash and digital commerce experiences, increasing personalization and brand loyalty while facilitating transaction revenues.

Our technology

Our technology platform is built to provide fully customizable solutions that are customer centric, interactive, secure and scalable.
  • Anchor your audience — digital wallets

    TAPPP’s payments platform offers clients the Lego-blocks needed to build embedded financial wallets within their consumer-facing platforms. This improves customer engagement and retention, fuels revenue and expands digital value.
  • The power of a microapp store

    The TAPPP MicroApp Platform provides a common standard for sharing identity, location, video context, payments and similar services across a collection of first- and third-party applications. Once enabled, the microapp architecture delivers the power of an App Store to a client’s distribution platform.
  • Secure tokenization engine

    TAPPP employs cryptographically secure, dynamically generated payment tokens instead of static numbers to deliver a high volume, low latency and highly secure payments fabric for all of its payments processing thereby meeting and exceeding the needs of regulators and industry standards.
  • AI-powered event orchestration engine

    The MicroApp Platform is powered by a cloud-native Orchestration Engine which is algorithmically controlled to sense events and create compelling user interactions within each app. This enables our clients to offer interactive engagement across a variety of programming with little to no production support.

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