Payment solutions

Elevate customer engagement and satisfaction with TAPPP’s payment solutions.

TAPPP’s payment solutions enable entertainment companies to offer customers frictionless cash and digital commerce experiences, increasing personalization and brand loyalty while facilitating transaction revenues.
Payment solutions

TAPPP’s suite of payment solutions drive new revenue opportunities.

  • Branded Digital Wallet

    Digital wallets, with single integration, billing and settlement, enable branded transaction services for you and your ecosystem partners.
  • Branded Prepaid Gift Cards

    Use physical and digital value-loaded cards sold at retail to meet customers where they shop with tailored promotional messages.
  • Co-Branded Promotional Cards

    Co-branded, value-loaded cards distributed at live events increase customer engagement and unleash the value of your brand partnerships.
  • Curated Retail Environments

    Bespoke physical and digital retail spaces create new brand touchpoints and contextual commerce opportunities for your business.
  • Account Management Services

    Boost personalization and customer retention with seamless account origination, card redemption, deposit and withdrawal solutions.
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Our technology

TAPPP’s payments platform delivers innovative, transaction-related products and services for media and entertainment companies, across retail, online, at home and live event environments.
  • Aggregated redemptions platform

    The TAPPP Redemption Gateway provides our clients with a unified payments gateway to aggregate all their non-standard payment methods, reducing integration complexity while providing end customers a wide array of payment mechanisms, including cash.
  • Secure tokenization engine

    TAPPP employs cryptographically secure, dynamically generated payment tokens instead of static numbers to deliver a high-volume, low-latency and highly secure payments fabric for its payments processing, which meets and exceeds all regulatory and industry standards.
  • Scalability

    TAPPP’s cloud native, cell based micro-services architecture provides each of our clients with a dedicated payments layer which is automatically scalable to millions of transactions based on transaction throughput and is deployable globally with multi-currency support.
  • Anchor your audience – digital wallets

    TAPPP’s payments platform offers clients the building blocks needed to build embedded financial wallets within their consumer-facing platforms. This improves customer engagement and retention, fuels revenue and expands digital value.

It’s time to transform transactions.

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Interactive services

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TAPPP’s comprehensive interactive solutions reimagine how companies and audiences interact and transact with entertainment-related programming, products and services.