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Major League Rugby (MLR) partnered with TAPPP to leverage its MicroApp Platform and increase viewership and time spent watching live-streamed matches on The Rugby Network (TRN).

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  • The Goal

    MLR wanted to raise the profile of its streaming service, TRN. Their goals included introducing more people to the joys (and rules) of rugby, attracting more subscribers, creating more opportunities for community building and encouraging people to spend more time watching live matches on TRN.

  • The TAPPP Solution

    TAPPP designed the Pick&Go! skills-based contest, with up to 30 bespoke questions per match tied to the action on the field. Questions were presented in real-time via an on-screen panel during rugby matches, and contestants earned points for correct answers which could be converted into prizes.

  • The Results

    TRN viewer satisfaction levels soared as average participation rates crossed 30% per match. Average time spent watching also increased by 20 minutes. Post-season surveys showed high levels of interest in next-generation contests, betting and contextual commerce offerings.

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