TAPPP Named to Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies

Featured in Fast Company

March 2, 2023

Single-screen sports betting—the ability to make wagers on the same screen you’re using to watch the event you’re betting on—became a reality in 2022 with Tappp’s partnership with Major League Rugby. During the final week of the Major League Rugby season, viewers could access sports-betting data originating in a live broadcast while simultaneously placing bets directly on their device within the same broadcast. This technology empowers novice bettors to engage in sports wagering without leaving their television screen while allowing experienced bettors to seamlessly place micro-bets during an event in real time. Tappp raised $10 million of Series B funding in 2022 ahead of its launch with MLR and partners with Major League Baseball on gift cards that enable fans to access games online and with BetMGM on gift cards that fund bettors’ accounts.